Review: ‘The King’s Speech’ is an inspirational story

Spicezee Bureau

‘England believes I can speak for it, but I have no speech’, says a poignant Prince Albert in one of the scenes from this year’s Oscar winning movie, ‘The King’s Speech’. And thus begins the saga of a man, who fights his own inhibition and emerges strong to lead a nation. A monarch, who is looked upon as a guiding light by his countrymen, has to deal with his own fears first.

Set in the 1930s, in England, the film is about Prince Albert (played by Colin Firth) who is called upon to lead the nation during the World War, and his insecurity about leading the nation. The Prince has a stammer which he is embarrassed of, and which prevents him from delivering public speeches which is required of him as a monarch of a nation.

The film then narrates how a man overcomes his own inhibitions and comes out his shell to become the leader of a nation. The film begins with Prince Albert suffering from low self esteem, self -confidence, stammering Prince who eventually becomes King George VI of United Kingdom. The film is a classic example of how one can overcome one’s shortcomings in life and emerge as a winner in whichever sphere one wants to. The Prince’s perseverance to overcome his problem coupled with support from his wife(played by Helena Bonham Carter) and speech therapist(Geoffrey Rush) makes the film a warm, emotional drama.

As the Prince’s speech therapist, Geoffrey Rush performs his role brilliantly and makes the sessions enjoyable even for the viewer. The scenes where Rush makes Collin perform almost theatrical scenes to overcome his fright are extremely heart tugging.

The film, of course, belongs to Collin Firth and one feels that no one deserved the Best Actor award at the Oscars more than him. As Prince Albert, he shows lot restrain in his acting and makes this royal character very human and real. Firth performs the role with great finesse who has conflicting traits and has been thrust upon a great duty.

Helena Bonham Carter, as the monarch’s wife, supports Collin in each frame and gives a stellar performance of a woman who wants her husband to overcome his difficulties as much as he himself.

'The King`s Speech' is cinema at its sophisticated best and it deserves all the awards and praises that it has been bestowed with. A special mention for the director: Tom Hooper, who had the courage to make a film on royalty. Hooper presents the film in an honest way, with no pretentions and that’s why the film manages to score. Watch it for inspiration, watch it for Firth.

Ratings: Four cheers for this one!