Review: ‘The Losers’ is stylish but low on entertainment

Spicezee Bureau

‘The Losers’ is in the league of ‘turn your brain off at the door’ kind of flicks. The same old story where there are ample things to attract you but in reality the film fails to leave an impact.

It is a slam-bang globetrotting modern action movie based upon a comic book series from DC Comics. Directed by Sylvain White, the film centers upon the members of an elite US Special Forces unit sent into the Bolivian jungle on a search and destroy mission.

Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Roque (Idris Elba), Cougar (Oscar Jaenada), Pooch (Columbus Short), and Jenner (Chris Evans) are members of a special ops unit that gets burned during a mission by a mysterious-but-certainly-evil man named ‘Max’ (Jason Patric).

Presumed dead and disavowed by the CIA – ‘The Loser’ are presented with an opportunity to return to US and get revenge on Max through the sexy-and-dangerous Aisha (Zoe Saldana). From here, the plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it does keep the characters rushing to their ultimate purpose: To get Max and avoid getting killed in the process.

Thanks to the individual performances of the cast, ‘The Losers’ rarely feels soulless, but due to the lack of chemistry amongst the actors, the film never comes together to make a more lasting impression.

Fray at the edges, it’s just a standard action picture with a dose of witty banter.

As for ‘Avatar’ fame Zoe Saldana the truth is - she`s mostly an eye candy with very little to do in an all out testosterone overload flick.

Can only say - don`t ask for much, and your expectations will be met!

Rating: 2 cheers