Review: `The Sorcerer`s Apprentice` is a fun filled fantasy film

Spicezee Bureau

If you are in love with distant lands of fairies, goblins, wizards and are a die-hard fan of ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, we are sure you will simply love Nicolas Cage starrer `The Sorcerer`s Apprentice`.

Directed by Jon Turteltaub and produced by Jerry Baruchel, `The Sorcerer`s Apprentice` is a Walt Disney release, which boasts of big star cast that includes Nicholas Cage, Monica Bellucci, Alfred Molina, Alice Krige and Jay Baruchel.

`The Sorcerer`s Apprentice` is based on an animated short story, based on the same name starring Mickey Mouse and inspired by a Goethe poem. In the film, Nicholas Cage reunites with his ‘National Treasure’ director and producer in order to deliver a spectacular action-comedy.

The movie starts from 8th century, where Merlin had three apprentices - Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage), Veronica (Monica Bellucci), Maxim (Alfred Molina), who are turned rotten with evil sorceress Morgana (Alice Krige) while raising dead wizards.

With Balthazar trapping Maxim, Morgana and Veronica in Grimhold, it is a temporary relief as he sets off on a quest to find the Prime Merlinian, the heir to Merlin`s power and who can destroy Morgana.

Finally, the action moves to present-day Manhattan, where Balthazar zeroes in a boy - Dave Stutler (Baruchel). However, with Maxim freed from the Grimhold and desperately seeking the release of Morgana, Balthazar has to train Dave the tricks of sorcery and battle the forces of evil.

Moreover, things get complicated when Dave rediscovers his childhood sweetheart Becky (Teresa Palmer), and tries to win her over even as he continues with his apprenticeship.

Backed by high definition special effects, `The Sorcerer`s Apprentice` effectively recreates Goethe`s poem and Mickey Mouse sequence where Dave animates an army of mops to save time on cleaning chores.

In terms of acting, Baruchel and Cage portray an engaging student-teacher relationship, while Alfred Molina adds a class to his villain act. Altogether, Turteltaub, Bruckheimer and Cage are aiming to recreate another ‘National Treasure’-style family action flick.

If you are a fantasy freak, you will definitely love ‘The Sorcerer`s Apprentice’ this weekend.

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!