Review: ‘The Storm Warriors’ is a passable flick

Updated: Jul 02, 2010, 17:18 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

If you are a big fan of Chinese martial art films, ‘The Storm Warriors’ can be your pick, albeit it fails to work its magic on the Box Office and ends up as a big disappointment. Directed and produced by Pang brothers, ‘The Storm Warriors’ includes Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi and Simon Yam.

Loosely based on Fung Wan’s ‘The Death Battle’, ‘The Storm Warriors’ revolves around the evil Lord Godless (Simon Yam) and his plans to rule China. With his wicked ways, Godless is successful in capturing the emperor of China along with Cloud (Aron Kwok) and Nameless (Kenny Ho), who are eventually asked to work under him, or else face execution.

Instead of accepting the offer, Cloud and Nameless wage war against Godless. Meanwhile, Could, Chu Chu and Wind manage to escape, even as Heart (son of Godless) follows the fugitives with his army in order to capture and destroy the martial arts school.

In this deadly pursuit, Nameless gets badly injured and sends Cloud and Wind to find Lord Wicked, who is a formidable match to Godless. Lord Wicked takes Wind into his tutelage while Could is summoned by Nameless at the Lin Yi Temple. Once at the Lin Yi Temple, Cloud is tutored by Nameless for a new sword style. However, when Godless comes to know this, he seethes with anger and dispatches Sky and Earth to kill Nameless.

From here onwards, what follows is an adrenaline rushing fight sequences of martial arts where Cloud battles Earth and Sky while Godless tries to locate the Dragon Tomb to disclose the secret destiny of China. Will Godless succeed in his evil machinations and locate the Dragon Tomb to rule China? Or Will Wind and Cloud be successful in killing evil Lord Godless and save their nation? Well, catch ‘The Storm Warriors’ to know more.

A word of advice, ‘The Storm Warriors’ is a hugely avoidable flick.

Ratings: One poor cheer for this one!