Review: ‘Tron: Legacy’ is a virtual reality sci-fi thriller

Spicezee Bureau

When you are making a film sequel almost after two decades, you are shouldering quite heavy responsibility. Well’s, that what exactly Joseph Kosinski did when he decided to make ‘Tron: Legacy’, a sequel to Steven Lisberger’s sci-fi thriller ‘Tron’ (1982).

‘Tron: Legacy’ carries forward the plot and storyline of ‘Tron’, which was a virtual reality sci-fi thriller, portraying people trapped in a computer game.

Starring Bruce Boxleitner, Garrett Hedlund, Cillian Murphy, James Frain, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen, ‘Tron: Legacy’ takes up the old narrative of Jeff bridges as Kevin Flynn, who created a brilliant digital system. However, at the peak of success, Flynn vanished and now, in 2010, his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) stumbles upon his dad’s creation – an alternate universe - a gigantic gaming zone, which is ruled by Flynn’s evil alter ego Clu – his own digital self.

While Flynn wanted to use this secret world for the betterment of society, Clu is ruling the same with an iron hand.

Now, with Clu trying to invade human world, Sam join forces with Quorra and Kevin to fight the virtual universe and save humanity from annihilation.

For all those geeks in love with sci-fi flicks, check out for state of the art 3D special effects with black and chrome styling that adds to visual appeal of the film, pretty much slicker and far better than the retro look of 80’s ‘Tron’.

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!