Review: Watch ‘Edge of Darkness’ for an all-Gibson experience

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Directed by Martin Campbell, ‘Edge of Darkness’ sees the 54-year-old Hollywood biggie Mel Gibson delivering one of his best acting performances. Gibson, who plays a tough cop in this one, surely seems to have returned to his angry ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Payback’ roots.

Thomas Craven (Gibson) is a no-nonsense cop, who genuinely believes in being good and doing good. But the murder of his daughter (Novakovic) pushes him to the edge, and then he begins to fight back to hunt down his daughter`s killer. However, his investigation into his daughter`s affairs sets him down the dark world of corporate greed, lies and conspiracies.

He becomes a dangerous man who kills or attacks almost every person who comes in his way to uncover the truth. He then gets help from a weird guy Jedburgh (Winstone), who has been sent to assassinate him, but ends up helping him in his mission instead.

The only problem with ‘Edge of Darkness’ is that the story fails to take the politics of the film and conspiracy to that level, to perhaps come out more convincing.

Nevertheless, the flick is still an edge-of-the-seat thriller, and is a must watch for Gibson’s commendable performance.

Rating: Four cheers


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