RiRi would like to do comedy acting

London: Rihanna, who was hospitalised this week with exhaustion and dehydration for the second time in a year, seems to have no interest in slowing down. The Barbadian singer declared that she’d like to try her hand in comedy flicks.

“I want to try comedy, I really do. I love watching comedy and it seems like something that would be fun to shoot,” a leading daily has quoted her as saying.

“I did a skit with Saturday Night Live and I enjoyed working with comedians so it feels like it would be fun,” she added.

The ‘Umbrella’ hitmaker was admitted to hospital in New York on Monday night after attending the swanky Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She later posted a picture on Twitter of her arm on a drip.

Her brother Rorrey Fenty blamed her handlers, saying: “I could see this coming. Her management have been working her a 13-hour day. She’s been exhausted for months.”

Last November the 24-year-old was also hospitalised with exhaustion and forced to cancel a performance in Sweden but has returned to frenetic touring, promotional activities for her new film ‘Battleship’ and partying – recently posting a picture on Twitter of herself rolling a suspicious looking cigarette at the Coachella festival in California.