Robert Downey Jr praise inspires co-star to work

Updated: May 03, 2010, 15:56 PM IST

London: It took compliments from Robert Downey Jr for actress Olivia Munn to enjoy her role in `Iron Man 2`.

Meeting her famous co-star geared the actress towards
excitement about her part in the film. The 29-year-old actress plays socialite-turned-superhero Janet Van Dyne in the action movie, FHM magazine reported.

"I should take a deep breath and go, `That`s pretty cool.` But I`m afraid to take any of it for granted. When I was with Robert Downey Jr on set he was just so complimentary. I let myself be happy then," she said.

About bagging role in the movie, the actress said, "Jon Favreau, the director, had talked to me a bit about it. He said he`d love me to be in the movie. I get excited about things, but I don`t freak out because I get afraid."

The brunette beauty also confessed about facing failure in Hollywood for which she tries to take success with a pinch of salt not allowing to be carried away.

"I feel like if I put my head up I`ll get hit by a bucket and it will be all gone, so I get to the point where when something good happens, I take it and I keep moving because it could all go in a minute," the actress said.