Robert Pattinson fears losing job ‘security blanket’ after ‘Twilight’ series

New York: Robert Pattinson has revealed that he is worried about his future after the end of the ‘Twilight’ saga.

The 25-year-old star has said that he is concerned about not having a “security blanket” once the series is over.

“In career terms ‘Twilight’ was like a security blanket,” the New York Post quoted the actor as telling The Guardian.

“Not a blanket – a safety net. I had a three- or four-month window between each one during which I could do another job.

“But whatever I did, I knew that I’d have another ‘Twilight’ movie on the way, which is theoretically guaranteed to make a lot of money. So I could always afford to fail.

“After [‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’] comes out, you can kind of have two failures – and they’d better be low-budget failures. Because if you have one big-budget failure you’re pretty much done in this environment,” he added.


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