Rogen amazed to manage $120 mn for `The Green Hornet`

Updated: Jan 10, 2011, 09:55 AM IST

London: Seth Rogen, who is usually associated with low-budget comic movies, says he was amazed to have managed a huge $120 million budget for his upcoming film "The Green Hornet".

"It`s insane. But it`s not so much the specific amount of money that`s stressful, it`s all the things that go along with making a movie of that size," quoted him as saying. The actor has not only starred in the film but has also produced it.

"We have multiple camera units a lot of the time. There`s blue screen, there`s action sequences that are extremely complicated to film. It`s just infinitely more complex than any movie I`ve worked on before. It`s a lot to wrap your head around sometimes," he added.