Rogen unsure about his role in `Knocked Up`

London: Hollywood funnyman Seth Rogen is unsure if there is a role for him in the planned ‘Knocked Up’ spin-off movie.

The comic actor-writer starred in the original movie about a slacker who finds out a woman he had a one-night stand with is pregnant and although Seth knew director Judd Apatow was working on new material, he is unsure if there will be a role for him, reports

"Judd mentioned it to me off-handedly a year ago, and then I just read about it just like everybody else. I was like, `Oh man, it looks like it`s really happening`. So, I don`t know. I`m going to call him and see what the deal is," he said.

The as-yet untitled film will star Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann who played married couple Pete and Debbie in the first movie.