Rubina Ali to star in a British film

London: ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ child star Rubina Ali is reportedly in talks to be part of a small budget British film which will also have Hollywood veteran Anthony Hopkins. The romantic comedy set to be filmed in India, England and Wales later this year is about a young Welsh nobleman who falls in love with an Indian girl.

Former rugby player Gavin Henson is all set to make his acting debut with the film, reported Daily Mail online. Rubina, who was plucked from obscurity in Mumbai`s slums by director Danny Boyle, is in line for a 21,000 pounds payday after agreeing terms for the film. She admitted she was keen to see if Henson was as good looking in real life as in his pictures.

Although she had not heard of the Welsh heartthrob before signing on for the film, she said, "I have heard he is a huge star and he is very handsome, so I am really excited to meet him and work with him."

The film also features her Slumdog co-star Azharuddin Ismail. The 13-year-old actress said one of the best things about filming in England will be the chance to meet up with her Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle again.

"I have a new film and I will be travelling to England and Wales later this year. I`m so excited because I think this is going to be my best year. I want to go and meet Danny uncle at his home and talk to him again. Before him I was living in a slum and now look at what my life has become - he visits us regularly in Bombay and now I want to visit him in his home. The only other person I really want to meet in England is the Queen - I want to see her palace. I have always wanted to meet a real queen," she added.

Rubina and her family of six recently moved into their new house before it was completely furnished after being forced to live in rented accommodation since their slum burnt down last March.