Rupert Sanders to direct ‘The Juliet’

Los Angeles: Director Rupert Sanders` next project is a sci-fier called the ‘The Juliet’.

The filmmaker, who made his directorial debut with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, will start shooting for the movie, an adaptation from Alfred Bester`s short story, in 2013, reported Deadline.

According to producer Frank Beddor, the story is set in a near futuristic sci-fi landscape.

"It`s lovers on the run in space so think `Bonnie and Clyde` in space, but with a very unique Bonnie who has a secret. The tone of it is close to the `Bourne Identity` franchise," Beddor said.

While Sanders is set to work behind the lens, Henry Bean will serve as the screenwriter. Beddor will produce the film alongside Alex Gartner.

Sanders career was marred following his cheating scandal with the lead actress of his film Kristen Stewart. Despite his personal issue, Universal reportedly aimed to give him another try by letting him helm the `Van Helsing` reboot.