Russell Crowe found `Robin Hood` similar to `CSI`

London: Oscar-award-winning actor Russell Crowe did not like the first script of his upcoming film `Robin Hood` as he found it too similar to crime drama TV show `CSI`.

The actor admits the first script for the Ridley Scott-directed project was not to his taste as it read like CSI in Sherwood Forest, BBC reported online.

"I read the script and I wasn`t interested in doing that take where the Sheriff was Nottingham was a good guy and Robin was a really bad guy," Crowe said.

The film stars the 46-year-old actor alongside Cate Blanchett and will open this year`s Cannes Film Festival.

"I mean that`s kind of interesting but it`s not interesting for a long time, because ultimately you have a well meaning public servant who is doing his job properly and the script basically to me, no disrespect, it read like `CSI` in Sherwood Forest," Crowe said.