Ryan Gosling finds movie violence poetic

London: Actor Ryan Gosling believes violence in films should not be taken seriously because it can be humorous and poetic.

The star plays the lead role of a Hollywood stuntman who moolights as a getaway driver in his new movie `Drive`, which has faced flak for certain violence scenes.

`The Notebook` star, however, says that people should not always take movie violence seriously.

"When I saw `Valhalla Rising` in the movie theatre, when one of the characters has his intestines pulled out, everyone in the theatre started laughing and the whole theatre came to life. Suddenly it was fun to go to the movies. It was allowed to be poetry, and it was allowed to be funny.

"For me, that`s what`s truly amazing in the way that Nicolas (director) handles violence. Last night we got to go into the cinema alone for the test, and the scene where someone is stabbed in the throat, everyone started to laugh."


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