Samuel Jackson rebuked after ‘The Avengers’ script emerge online

London: Looks like studio bosses were not happy with actor Samuel L. Jackson after his movie script for the highly awaited Marvel comic film ‘The Avenger’ was leaked online.

The star, who was scolded by the film bosses, said that someone had hacked into his printer and stole the top secret document while he was shooting in Canada.

“When they sent me the new version of the script, I was shooting a film in Toronto (Canada) and my assistant copied it from the email (and printed it) in the office somewhere. And by the time we got to Albuquerque someone had stolen the script out of the printer and put it online for sale,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

Jackson also said that Marvel bosses are sending investigators to Canada to track down the person who had leaked the script online.

“I didn`t know printers had memories. And apparently my assistant didn`t either. Marvel/Disney kind of got really upset about it. It caused a minor storm of investigation. They sent a team of investigators to Canada. They were trying to find (track down) the IP address of the person that put it online. It was crazy,” he added.


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