Scarlett finds it difficult to do small movies

London: Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has said that she wants to work in small films but finds it difficult to do so.

The `Iron Man 2` star says there are very few actors in the industry that will `champion small movies` and even production studios are not very keen to make mid-level movie, reports a news website.

"I think it`s just incredibly difficult. There are very, very few actors, anyway out there that can champion small movies and interesting ideas. You know, because the studio looks at that and the script and says, `How are we going to market this?`," said Johansson.

"Before they even green light it they are so curious as to how they are going to market it, how they are going to sell it as a product. It`s very unfortunate that it is that way, that there is a lack of room to make these mid-level movies," she added.

"There`s really not that many people championing that. I think it has to do with our sort of pop-culture, what the audience demands," she said.



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