Scarlett Johansson, co-stars suffered rashes from `Avengers` costumes

London: Scarlett Johansson and her `The Avengers` co-stars were left reeling under various skin conditions including rashes and had to consult dermatologists when the summer blockbuster wrapped up filming.

The actress revealed that none of the cast were thrilled with their superhero tight-fitting outfits - as they were designed to dazzle onscreen and not for comfort.

And she confessed that her Black Widow latex catsuit was “a bit of a challenge.”

“The material is like a torture chamber. I literally had to peel it off,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling USA Today.

“We all had skin conditions going with our outfits after 15 hours of non-stop sweat. I was sending pictures to my dermatologist in Los Angeles,” she added.