Scarlett Johansson loves playing strong roles

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, who will be seen playing the role of secret agent Natalie Romanova aka Black Widow in `Iron Man 2`, says she likes to portray "strong and independent" characters onscreen.

Johansson is thrilled for the upcoming May 7 release of the Robert Downey Jr film, Access Hollywood reported.

"These characters are strong, independent women that could function with or without the men in their lives. They run a smooth, efficient operation and are at the head of their
game and I really attribute that to Jon Favreau`s appreciation for a strong lady," she said.

The 26-year-old Hollywood actress defined her role in ‘Iron Man 2’ as of "strong and independent" woman who can function with or without the men in their lives.

"It`s very exciting to be that kind of role model for young girls and for women to see that you don`t have to be the damsel in distress," she said.

The actress, who is married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, says she is not much of a party person in real life and tries to keep things private.

"You know, it`s hard, particularly in this day and age, to kind of surprise your audience because they already know so much about you personally," she said.

"So I try to avoid that kind of scene as much as possible," Johansson said.

"I like to go out. I like to hear music and go out for dinners and stuff like that but I`m not really a party in the club kind of girl."