Screen violence doesn`t lead to it in real life: Gareth Evans

Los Angeles: `The Raid 2` director Gareth Evans doesn`t find any correlation between screen violence and real life violence.

`The Raid 2`, a sequel to `The Raid`, releases in India Friday.

Talking about his views on showing violence in his films, Evans said in a statement: "I get asked a lot about my feelings towards screen violence. In terms of the responsibility of it, I’ve never really felt that there’s a correlation in terms of screen violence and real life violence."

"I grew up watching a ton of movies, and I’ve been in three fights in my entire life. Even then, it was never an aggressive intent - it was child’s play, stupid stuff," he added.

Evans believes if a person is inherently violent, "they can take inspiration from anything - it could be a book, it could be an article in a newspaper, it could be a film, it could be a song".

Justifying his decision of showing violence in his films, he said: "Our focus is always to present violence in as real a way as possible, where a kick or a punch or a stab or a gunshot feels real and feels painful.”

`The Raid 2` will see Indonesian actor and martial art expert Iko Uwais reprising his role as Rama

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