'Sickest film ever' makes viewers reach for sick bags

A movie that is being hailed as one of the most twisted, stomach-churning films of all time, is said to have made American cinemagoers reach for the sick bags.

``The Human Centipede`` features a depraved storyline about a psychopathic German surgeon who drugs his victims before surgically joining them together, mouth to backside, in order to create a human centipede.

And now British movie fans are bracing themselves for the forthcoming release of ultimate video nasty.
The horror is said to be so gross that cinemagoers have been racing out of US screenings to be sick - and reviewers are warning audiences not to eat before seeing the film.

Many of the actresses who auditioned for the gore fest refused to have anything to do with the film and walked out in disgust when they got a look at the full script.

But the sadistic and vile scenes of humans being stitched together in the doctor`s cellar, after the surgeon`s earlier failed attempt to do the same with dogs, are proving the film`s big selling point.

Clips from the film have been a YouTube sensation, with the trailer alone racking up 1.4million views. Screenings in Los Angeles have also sold out.

Such has been the repulsion and fascination with the film on horror websites that audiences in US cities where the movie isn``t being shown have won the right to have the movie beamed into their own homes.

In an unusual move, the low-budget, high-gore film is now available on pay-per-view television right across America while still on limited release in cinemas.

In a few months time, the movie is set for release in Britain, if it doesn`t get banned first, and the buzz surrounding the film has led to several UK companies competing for the rights to release it later this year.

"It`s a very sick idea but I knew it was something that people would talk about," the Sun quoted the film`s Dutch writer-director Tom Six, as saying.

He decided to make the villain German after learning about sick Nazi medical experiments carried out after their invasion of the Netherlands in World War II.

German actor Dieter Laser plays twisted surgeon Dr Heiter and creates one of the most memorable and evil villains in cinema history.

A real surgeon advised the moviemakers during filming and the movie`s poster boasts that the procedures shown in ``The Human Centipede`` are "100 per cent medically accurate".

Meanwhile the twisted flick looks set to become a lucrative new horror franchise with The Human Centipede 2 already in production.