Sienna Miller to play Hitchcock’s obsession Tippi Hedren in new film

London: Sienna Miller is set to star in a new film about director Alfred Hitchcock and his obsession with Tippi Hedren, who starred in his classic ‘The Birds’, and how it destroyed both their careers.

The 29-year-old actress’ new movie ‘The Girl’, will show how an infatuated 62-year-old Hitchcock sexually harassed the 31-year-old blonde starlet and tried to control every aspect of her life, both on and off screen.

Hedren suffered in silence for the best part of three years, but eventually walked out when her mentor made it clear her future career depended on giving in to his sexual demands.

“Everyone knows Hitchcock was keen on his blondes,” the Daily Mail quoted Gwyneth Hughes, the writer of the BBC2 drama as saying.

“Unfortunately for Tippi, he developed a twisted and obsessive love for her that left her feeling isolated and terrified.

“He made repeated sexual advances towards her and tried to take over her life.

“Today we would call it sexual harassment but that concept had not been accepted back then,” he added.

The new biopic is inspired by the biographer Donald Spoto’s account of the couple’s relationship in his 2008 book ‘Spellbound By Beauty’.

Hitchcock’s infatuation with Hedren began in 1961 when he spotted her by chance in a television commercial for a diet drink.

Convinced he had found the next Grace Kelly, the director ignored the fact that she had no real acting experience and signed her up for the starring role in 1963 film ‘The Birds’.


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