Simon West wants Sean Connery in `Expendables 3`

Updated: Aug 19, 2012, 15:26 PM IST

London: Director Simon West says it is his dream to cast retired actor Sean Connery in the third `Expendables` movie.

The moviemaker stepped behind the camera to helm `The Expendables 2` with a slew of Hollywood`s most famous tough guys including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bruce Willis.

Talking about a possible third film, West said he will try to persuade the former James Bond star to get back in the acting game, reported Daily Star.

"I don`t know who`s left to include in a third film. Sean Connery would be great to bring back from retirement. I don`t know if he wants to do it, but I`d love to have Sean Connery," he does.

The director said the movie`s big stars often found it difficult to share the screen with their Hollywood rivals.

"That was very interesting because they`re not used to having shots quite so wide, because I had to fit in all these big stars and I wanted to shoot them all together instead of just lots of single shots.

"They weren`t used to sharing the screen with so many other big stars, so that was tough for them sometimes. Also they`re firing guns and having fights - they have to be careful of each other because they`re not dealing with stunt men, they`re dealing with other movie stars," West added.