Spacey launches talent hunt for budding directors

Updated: Sep 16, 2011, 14:34 PM IST

London: "Superman Returns" star Kevin Spacey has teamed up with whiskey giant John Jameson to launch a talent search for wannabe screenwriters and directors.

"I want to give talented people out there a shot at reaching their goals for the first time. Jack Lemmon once said to me, `If you`re doing well, send the elevator back down`," a website quoted Kevin, 52, as saying.

"I`ve done incredibly well and it`s because the material I found early in my career was from first-time writers, first-time directors and first-time playwrights. If it weren`t for that talent I wouldn`t have a career. So if one person gets a break then the competition has been successful," he added.

People from countries like the US, South Africa and Russia are invited to submit their scripts online. A panel of experts, including Spacey, will shortlist and invite the most promising applicants to shoot a scene.

A winner will be chosen from each country and they will be invited to direct filming of their movie, with Spacey in the lead role.