Spain to offer movies to US libraries, universities

Updated: Nov 08, 2011, 12:05 PM IST

Miami: Spain will provide its films to US libraries and educational institutions to promote teaching of the language.

Spain`s Foreign Trade Institute, known as ICEX, and EGEDA, the Spanish audiovisual producers copyright association, have reached an accord by which they will provide Spanish films to US libraries and educational institutions.

ICEX said Monday that the agreement has been signed here by EGEDA president Enrique Cerezo and the economic and trade counselor of the Spanish Consulate in Miami, Mario Buisan.

The accord "answers to the common interest on both sides to disseminate and promote access to Spanish culture and improve the learning of our language in the United States", ICEX said in a communique.

For its implementation, EGEDA will develop a digital platform so that the interested centres can access a catalogue of titles that will be immediately available for streaming via Internet.

Libraries and educational centres that have been previously authorized by ICEX and are associated with the American Library Association will be able to access the portal.

The project forms part of "Study in Spain", which incorporates all activities being developed to promote teaching of the Spanish language.

ICEX recalled that in the US market, Spanish has become the second language thanks to the burgeoning Latino minority - now more than 50 million strong - and to the fact that more and more Americans are opting to study it.