Stallone faces 1.36m pound lawsuit from Brazilian company

London: Sylvester Stallone is apparently in a 1.36-million-pound dispute with a Brazilian production company that worked on his latest film.

O2, which made the acclaimed crime drama `City of God`, has claimed the 64-year-old Rocky star left the country after shooting `The Expendables` without paying what he owed the company for its help.

According to Veja, a Brazilian magazine, the film`s US producers left a string of debts, with a lighting company, drivers and security guards also owed money, reports the Telegraph.

"Since May of last year, O2 has been trying to get the money from the Americans. However since the beginning of this year, Stallone and his producers have stopped answering their calls," said the magazine.

O2`s accountants even had to recruit armed guards to protect their offices from angry production workers.

A spokesman for the film?s US producers, Nu Image/Millennium Films, has reportedly rejected the debt claims as "not accurate" but refused to comment further.

Previously, Stallone apologized to Brazilians after he told a news conference in Los Angeles: "You could blow their whole country up and they`d still say, `Thanks, here you go, take a monkey home`."


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