Star Wars creator lashes out at ‘real-life lightsaber’ manufacturers

Sydney: Star Wars creator George Lucas has lashed out at a company making a high-powered laser that bloggers around the world have dubbed "a real-life lightsaber".

Lucasfilm is threatening legal action against Shanghai-based Wicked Lasers for producing the Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser.

In a cease-and-desist letter, obtained by CNN, Lucasfilm argued that the Pro Arctic Laser "was intended to resemble the hilts of our lightsaber swords, which are protected by copyright".

It calls the laser a "highly dangerous product" that can blind and burn people and damage property.

But Steve Liu, chief executive officer of Wicked Lasers said that his company had been manufacturing these for years and doesn’t plan to stop.

"We would never use any comparison like that to Star Wars or a lightsaber or anything like that," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Liu as saying.

Wicked Lasers describes the product on its website as "the most dangerous laser ever created".



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