Stay away from `Guys and Dolls`: Reilly warns rivals

London: John C. Reilly is so keen to play the role of Nathan Detroit in the remake of 1955 movie musical "Guys and Dolls" that he is ready to use physical violence if anyone tries to steal it from him.

British filmmaker Guy Ritchie is trying to get the rights to make the film again and pop star-turned-actor Justin Timberlake should be worried as the director has him slated for the iconic role that was played by Frank Sinatra in the original.

"I`m still waiting for `Guys and Dolls` to get made into a movie. I will scratch the eyes out of anyone who tries to get between me and Nathan Detroit, I swear to God," quoted Reilly as saying.

"That movie is like the holy grail. I would love to do it. I guess the rights are somewhat complicated, from what I heard, but, boy, that would be a great one to do," he added.

Reilly might also face stiff competition from thespian Oliver Platt, who most recently played Detroit onstage.