Steven Soderbergh to retire after wrapping next two films

Updated: Mar 15, 2011, 12:44 PM IST

London: Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh has announced that he will retire from film-making after he finishes shooting his next two films.

"When you see those athletes hang on one or two seasons too long, it`s kind of sad," the BBC quoted Soderbergh as telling the US radio show Studio 360.

Soderbergh said: "When you reach the point where you``re like, ``if I have to get into a van to do another scout I``m just going to shoot myself``, it``s time to let somebody else who`s still excited about getting in the van, get the van."

The 48-year-old is planning a Liberace biopic, with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, and a film version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with George Clooney.

Both were "a great way to sort of step off", he added.

The filmmaker, who plans a new career in painting or photography, said that for the past three years he had "been turning down everything that comes my way".