Steven Soderbergh to retire soon, says Matt Damon

London: Matt Damon is convinced his director pal Steven Soderbergh is ready to hang his boots in movie business to forge a new career as a painter.

The Hollywood actor has worked with the famed moviemaker on a number of projects, including the "Ocean`s Eleven" series, "The Informant!", upcoming action thriller "Contagion" and his next on flamboyant pianist Liberace, but Damon believes the 47-year-old director will work on one more production before giving up filmmaking for good, reports

"He`s retiring, he`s been talking about it for years and it`s getting closer. He wants to paint and he says he`s still young enough to have another career. He`s kind of exhausted with everything that interested him in terms of form. He`s not interested in telling stories. Cinema interested him in terms of form and that`s it. He says, `If I see another over-the-shoulder shot, I`m going to blow my brains out`," said Damon.

"After this movie (`Contagion`) we`re doing `Liberace` next summer with Michael Douglas, and then he might do one more movie after that with George (Clooney), and then after that he`s retiring," he added.