Steven Spielberg ‘buys rights to WikiLeaks book’

Updated: Mar 03, 2011, 14:57 PM IST

Melbourne: Hollywood film mogul Steven Spielberg is reportedly planning to make a film about WikiLeaks.

According to the UK`s Guardian newspaper, the filmmaker has bought the rights to the story of the WikiLeaks saga, reports the Herald Sun.

The Guardian was one of the five original media outlets used by WikiLeaks founder, Australian Julian Assange, to publicise the tranche of thousands of classified US documents relating to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and diplomatic cables.

A book based on the story of the covert leaks, and controversial figurehead Assange, has been published by The Guardian, and the rights to the book have now been purchased by Spielberg.

DreamWorks, the studio founded by Spielberg and others in 1994, will reportedly make the movie.