Steven Spielberg eyes Australia for new dinosaur movie

Sydney: American filmmaker Steven Spielberg has chosen Australia as the location for his 150 million-dollar-dinosaur movie ‘Terra Nova’.

Spielberg was so impressed with the movie The Pacific; he co-created with Tom Hanks that he has decided to shoot for the dinosaur epic in Australia.

Terra Nova, a 13-part science-fiction television series is about the Shannon family, which travels 150 million years back in time to prehistoric Earth to escape the apocalypse, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, the drama, which is also executive produced by agent-turned-producer Aaron Kaplan, Craig Silverstein and Kelly Marcel, among others, takes place in 2149 A.D. when a large group of settlers are preparing to leave the apocalyptic world in which they live to time travel back millions of years.

“It could be a week, it could be three months, it could be literally weeks before filming starts, it``s hard to know,” Ausfilm`s head of policy, Alastair McKinnon said.

“Australia is probably one of six or seven potential locations. I think Queensland is the appealing venue at this stage because it has got studio and the tropical location they need. They are looking at Queensland,” he added.



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