Steven Spielberg`s special effects worries

Los Angeles: Steven Spielberg thinks directors should not use special effects unless it is relevant to the story of the film.

The `Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull` director admitted that it is up to individual filmmakers how to use new technology in movies, but he prefers a simpler approach, Empire magazine reported.

"There are so many tools we have now in the tool shed and it`s just a matter of individual choice how we use these tools," Spielberg said.

"I frankly think that special effects are becoming too special. There are too many special effects in all these movies today. It means that the movie starts on a special effect, ends on a bigger special effect and the middle is the same special effect," he added.

However, the three-time Oscar winner admitted he still has an admiration for James Cameron`s `Avatar`, despite much of the movie using performance capture technology.

"`Avatar` is the perfect example of everything in service of the story. Every single moment of life that Jim and the actors breathed into that movie was story-centric.

"The special effects created a world to support the story, but the story was the master of everything that informed Jim`s choices in that movie - speaking as a fan," Spielberg said.



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