‘Taken 2’ Review: A recycled sequel

Bikas Bhagat

‘Taken 2’ just reaffirms the fact that Liam Neeson is truly an action movie star. If a quality action flick is what you are expecting from this film- you sure will not be disappointed, but the film, despite promising rushes appears more like a recycled sequel. After churning a gripping, taut and intelligent story out of ‘Taken’, the second version (which was bound to generate expectations) doesn’t really match up to the experience delivered by its prequel in 2008.

But still, if you are an action buff, it wouldn’t be wise to skip it. The movie is full of thrill and action to get you hooked.

The premise of the story is pretty much the same. ‘Taken 2’ starts from where the first movie ends. In the first part, Bryan Mills (Neeson) executed an impossible task of pursuing and routing the perpetrators who kidnapped his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) set to be sold to the highest bidder in the flesh market. This time round, it’s Mills himself who is taken along with his wife by the godfathers of the same hedonist gang of extremely dangerous tribe deep somewhere in Albania.

Seeking nothing but a cold blooded revenge, the Albanians plan to kidnap Mills and family who are out vacationing in Istanbul. They succeed but the joy is short lived, for Mills is way too smart than his adversaries. It is from here when the tempo of ‘Taken’ sets in and action star Neeson rises. Some amazing chase scenes and spectacularly well choreographed fights make for a thrilling viewing.

Since the film has Neeson all the way, a word for the actor – this man, despite his age has an incredible quality to blend in with the hard core action manufactured by Hollywood. The man’s got all the traits that could give stiff competition to Mr. 007.

Coming to the film - even as the tension starts to build up in the first half and you get set for a terrific thriller ahead, the plot just fizzles midway. The first half of the film can still be a serviceable action flick, but the second half descends into clichés.

Producer Luc Besson and director Olivier Megaton have to a great extent managed to offer a decent action thriller from ‘Taken 2’, but it would have been better if they’d have avoided using the shaky cam technique as it has been done to death in Hollywood action films. It’s high time for Hollywood think tanks to come up with something else to reinvent the action genre.

Rating: 2 cheers