‘The Artist’ dog star Uggie to retire from films

Washington: The dog who has appeared in the Golden Globe winning ‘The Artist’ and Robert Pattinson-starrer ‘Water for Elephants’, is going to retire from showbiz.

Uggie the dog will quit feature films following his appearances at the first-ever Golden Collar Awards on February 13 and the Oscars on February 26, according to his trainers.

The Jack Russell has even inspired a Facebook campaign to allow animals to be nominated in mainstream categories and is himself up for two Golden Collars next month.

Trainer Sarah Clifford, who spent 15-hour days training him for ‘The Artist’, believes he is “slowing down” now.

“Uggie’s still enjoying it but he’s getting up there and he’s slowing down a little,” Fox News quoted her as telling The Hollywood Reporter.

The 10-year-old dog has reached retirement age in human years, so it makes sense that he wants to “lay in the sun by the pool.”