‘The King’s Speech’ stutter was agonising for Colin Firth

London: Colin Firth has revealed that his stutter for the role in ‘The King’s Speech’ was agony.

The 50 year old, who plays the stuttering King George VI, said the repeated process of filming with the stammer took its physical toll.

“I ended up with headaches after filming certain scenes,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“Acting with a stutter is not exactly a freeing thing. After finishing the final scene where he broadcasts the speech, I ended up with a curious pinched-nerve sensation in my left arm.”

“After doing several takes I must have been tensing my body in a peculiar way because I came away with headaches and a numbness in my arm which has never happened to me before on a film,” he said.

The King’s Speech, nominated for 14 Baftas, also stars Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush.