The name’s Bond, ‘Bearded Bond’

London: Daniel Craig will be sporting a beard for his latest Bond flick, ‘Skyfall’, making him the first Bond to do so.

Compared to the tight blue trunks Craig had to wear in Casino Royale, it must be dream getting used to growing whiskers.

‘Skyfall’ will be made on a shoestring budget as compared to other extravagant Bond flicks.

“They’ve really scaled back.”

“The lavish production and locations have been cut.”

“There is only a reduced cast and crew travelling to the few overseas destinations.”

“There``s not so flash hand-to-hand fighting, it``s gone back to blowing stuff up – including London``s Vauxhall Bridge”. The Sun quoted sources as saying.

The latest flick will feature classic car chases—one of the highlights of Bond films.

Shooting for the film will start in London and Scotland next month onwards.


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