Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz go biking with bulls in ‘Knight And Day’!

London: Tom Cruise has said he had a great time shooting action sequences with Cameron Diaz for new film ‘Knight And Day’.

The onscreen pair will be seen riding a motorcycle alongside bulls in Cadiz, Spain.

Cruise admitted there was a small mishap during the filming but everything was fine at the end of the day.

“Yeah I think there was a YouTube thing they sent out about a little mishap we had there on the set," a news daily quoted him, as saying.

He added, "But the stunts - there`s lots of stunts. Some intense stunts, so we had a good time there.

"Fortunately no extreme mishaps. A little adventure with the bulls. Riding a motorcycle during a bull run, that was kind of interesting, down in Cadiz, but everything else went pretty well."

Cruise also said that he enjoyed working with Diaz once again.

He said, "I haven`t worked with her since Vanilla Sky and she`s been a great friend and wonderful to work with."

About the film, he added, "It has everything, it`s a really kind of wish-fulfilment film, a real lark, but with fun characters.

"I think if you know James Mangold`s pictures, he always has wonderful characters and it`s got a very unique tone, and it was something I was really looking to do next."

The film is set to release on June 25.