Tom Cruise dangles from the world`s tallest building

London: He is nearing the big 50, but Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise is still very much a adrenaline junkie.

The actor jumped from the top of Dubai`s Burj Khalifa, the world`s tallest building, while shooting the fourth film in the `Mission: Impossible` franchise.

The 48-year-old dangled almost 2,717 ft in air while shooting `Death Protocol`, reported Daily Mail online.

Cruise was snapped hanging precariously from the observation deck of the building, which is 124 floors high, as fans watched in awe and terror from the street below.

Dressed all in black, Cruise ran across the windows of the tower as technicians and film crew watched nervously from an open window above him.

Another actor hung alongside him for the scene, which saw Cruise jumping over him during a chase round the exterior of the building.

A helicopter hovered just ten feet away from the building as crew inside filmed the scene for the movie, which will be released next year.

And even by his standards, this weekend`s stunt was Cruise`s most dangerous yet.

The actor is well-known for doing his own stunts in all his movies, especially the `Mission: Impossible` films.


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