Tom Cruise preparing Suri for a career in showbiz?

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes are reportedly preparing their four-year-old daughter Suri Cruise, for a career in the entertainment industry.

The pair, who tied the knot in 2006 are encouraging Suri, already famous for her high heels and fashion sense, by giving her classes on performing, reported a news website.

"They are giving her singing, dancing and acting classes to help prepare her. Tom is a real stage father, making sure Suri puts expression into her lines when she puts on her little shows, and he encourages her when she does good job," a source said.

"Suri is showing talent already. She loves to put on shows for the whole family, asking her big sister, Isabella, to help her make `tickets`. She`s always asking Katie to book tickets for Broadway musicals so she can watch other performers sing and dance.

"Tom and Katie aren`t afraid of Suri becoming a child actor - even with all of its pitfalls - because they feel she`ll be fine with their firm guidance," the source added.