Tom Cruise’s `MI4` titled as `Ghost Protocol`

Updated: Oct 30, 2010, 10:29 AM IST

London: Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise is quite elated that his upcoming film `Mission: Impossible`, the fourth in the series has been named as `Ghost Protocol`.

The movie which stars Cruise as action man Ethan Hunt will not feature a number because it is not a "sequel", a website reported.

"One of the things I always wanted for the franchise was for it not to have a number afterwards. I`ve never done sequels to films and I never thought of these films as sequels. Paramount has done a great job in coming up with a title, so it`s not going to be MI2, 3, 4. It`s going to be `Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol`," said the 48-year-old actor.

Dubai would witness the main film action and the world`s tallest 828 metre high Burj Jalifa tower may also be involved for the breath taking action scenes.

"To be shooting here, it`s a city I`ve always wanted to shoot in," he added.

`Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol` will also be shot in Prague, Vancouver and Moscow.