Tom Hanks` movie explores college at 50!

London: Actor Tom Hanks says he wrote his new movie `Larry Crowne` because he wanted to explore the way a man`s life can change after returning to education.

Hanks, 54, has directed, acted and co-written `Larry Crowne`, the story about a man who suffers a crisis when he loses a job and his marriage fails.

"I wanted to do a story about a guy in his 50s who goes to college and his life changes forever simply because of that. That really is enough to get a movie going creatively between two people who are talking to each other. I go to college, one of my teachers is Julia Roberts. Guess what happens? All the rest of it flows from there," quoted him as saying.

The movie has been compared with Hank`s early career hit "Big", but he insists he never intended to make the movie a companion piece to the 1988 comedy.

"I think you could may be put that down, it`s certainly nothing we ever thought about," said Hanks.


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