Tommy Lee Jones to direct `The Cowboys` remake

Los Angeles: `Men in Black` star Tommy Lee Jones is headed to the director`s chair with the remake of John Wayne`s 1972 movie `The Cowboys` for Warner Bros.

Jones will write and direct the project which will be a follow-up to his second directorial venture `The Homesman`, reported TheWrap.

The original film starred Wayne and Bruce Dern and followed the story of a rancher whose cattle drivers abandon his herd to look for gold, prompting him to train a group of boys for the job so he can avoid financial ruin.

Jones was last seen in Steven Spielberg`s `Lincoln`, `Men in Black 3` and `Hope Springs`.

He has teamed up with Robert De Niro in `The Family`, slated to release on September 13.

Jones` `The Homesman` Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank.