Train crash in `Super 8` brings back childhood memories for Steven Spielberg

Washington: Steven Spielberg has revealed that the scenes of the train crash in his new film `Super 8` have a special significance in his life.

The filmmaker, who is the producer of the flick, said that the first thing that he shot on camera was the collision of his model trains.

He also admitted that it was a caboose collision that first got him interested in the art of making movies as a kid.

"I was denied a chance to break my trains for the 20th time. My dad said, ``You break your trains one more time, I``m taking the set away``," Contactmusic quoted him as telling Entertainment Weekly magazine.

"So I took my dad``s movie camera and staged the final train wreck... I shot one train going left to right, and the other train going right to left, and then shot both running into each other.

"After that, I was able to enjoy watching the trains collide without having to risk breaking them," he added.


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