Troubled star Lindsay Lohan`s `Inferno` in doubt

London: The future of troubled star Lindsay Lohan`s current film `Inferno` is uncertain after an arrest warrant was issued for the Hollywood actress over a failed drug test.

Film bosses for the Linda Lovelace biopic, which stars the 24-year-old actress as the infamous porn actress, are unsure as to whether production will continue, reported Mirror online.

"The current analysis of how to proceed cannot be concluded until the court decision is known," producer Chris Hanley said.

He declared that, should the show go on, Lohan will have to stay sober.

"Formally, the terms of the acting services agreement would be such that Lindsay would not violate any obligation she would have to fulfil with the court, with her probation, or with the production insurance," Hanley said.

"Informally, as far as I am concerned that would include being 100 per cent sober, yes. The actual contractual wording would be more legal to include making sure the movie production would not be compromised in any way," he added.

Director Matthew Wilder said despite the constant change in the production schedule, the cast and crew are pulling together.

"Every other part of the prep is going on regardless. It will work out one way or another," he said.

Lohan is facing 30 days behind bars after admitting to failing a mandatory drug test for cocaine last week.


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