Victor Banerjee signs Indian-American director`s debut film

New Delhi: Veteran actor Victor Banerjee will play an intense role in Indian-American Amit Kumar`s directorial debut "Blemished Light", which will deal with discrimination that happens in the name of identity.

The 64-year-old Victor is known for movies like "Jogger`s Park", "My Brother.. Nikhil" and Kumar points out that he will be seen as a character he hasn`t played before.

"Victor Banerjee obviously has a screen presence, and he is a perfect fit for the role, but what excites me, as well as what seems to have driven him to play this part is the opportunity to perform as a character he has not played before," said Kumar in a statement.

Interestingly, the movie`s title has been inspired by Faiz Ahmad Faiz`s poem "Ye dagh dagh ujala, ye shab ghazida sahar". Apart from Victor, Alyy Khan and Ankur Vikal also play pivotal role in the film.

"The story is developed from a desire to express the lack of freedom within, and the struggle against, the most dominating social structures of our time - capitalism and patriarchy. In our world, mass extermination and discrimination happen in the name of identity," Kumar said.

"I took up the task to show people belonging to a certain identity do have different perspectives, approaches and solutions to most pressing issues challenging their society, based on their own personal experiences," he added.