Water scenes tough to shoot: Jeremy Renner

London: ‘The Hurt Locker’ star Jeremy Renner freaked out when he had to jump into freezing water to shoot for a scene in his film ‘The Bourne Legacy’.

The 41-year-old actor did his own stunts in the film and says swimming in water was the toughest challenge, reported Femalefirst online.

"For all the stunts I was well prepared. But the water? Below 32 degrees? There was nothing I could do to prepare for that. And it freaked me out. Let`s just say it wasn`t very pleasant," Renner said.

However, the actor found the action scenes in the film to be a piece of cake.

"Those scenes are like a well-oiled machine because they have to be smooth, fast and vicious. Of course, if you`re doing hand-to-hand stuff, there are going to be black eyes. I had to give a few," he added.


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