Woody Allen hates blockbuster films

London: Filmmaker Woody Allen says that blockbuster films do not interest him because they are childish products.

The `Midnight in Paris` helmer refuses to be associated with big-budget box office hits, which he believes have no artistic merit and are only made so studios can cash in as much as possible, reported Contactmusic.

Asked what feel-good films mean to him, Allen said, "Mediocrity. Moreover, that kind of film often circulates huge prejudices.
It`s a completely different job to mine, based on commercial profits. I don`t watch them, I ignore them, they don`t interest me. They`re childish products."

The 77-year-old cinema legend, whose career spans over 50 years, said that sophisticated and intellectually-minded people should go to see his films.

"It can sometimes bring me to despair and be frustrating, but there are still lots of sophisticated and sensitive people to exchange points of view and opinions with. I don`t need the people who go see blockbusters...," he added.