Woody Allen wants Michelle Obama to star in his movie

Los Angeles: After casting France`s first lady Carla Bruni in his film `Midnight in Paris`, director Woody Allen says that he would like to cast Barack Obama`s wife Michelle in one of his movies.

The 75-year-old veteran actor-turned-director revealed his idea during an interview, reported Ace Showbiz.

"If I was in a room with Michelle Obama, and I thought she was right for a part, I wouldn`t hesitate to ask her," the three-time winner of Academy award said.

Allen previously tapped Bruni to play a museum tour guide in `Midnight in Paris`, which also stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard.

Allen explained that he decided to cast the French first lady on a whim while having dinner with her and her husband, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.