Woody Allen wants to play a romantic role

London: Director-actor Woody Allen would like to cast himself as a love interest in one of his own movies but doesn`t feel he can do that any more.

The 75-year-old finds it "tremendously frustrating" that he can no longer play a love interest, reported Contactmusic.

"I can`t play the love interest anymore, and of course, this is tremendously frustrating because that`s really what I want to play," Allen said.

The director is set to shoot a film in the Italian capital city Rome later this year, starring Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, and despite him having a small role in the project, he is irritated because he would like to play a more romantic part.

"There is a part for me in this. My wife and myself go to Rome because our daughter is going to marry an Italian boy that she met there and we`re going over there to meet him and meet his family."

However, Allen reveals it is not a "classic" romantic comedy film.

"It`s a broad comedy, not a romantic comedy, but a broad comedy of various tales interwoven. I`m in one of them. All the parts are quite significant, there are no cameos, these are all significant parts, and there just happened to be a part that I could play," he said.


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